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Enjoy Your Travels: Adjust to Time Change


Whether for business or pleasure, traveling to new time zones can be tough on your sleeping habits. A couple of steps can help ease the transition and give you more energy to enjoy your trip.




1.          Switch to your new time zone as soon as you leave home. Reset your watch and act as if you were already in the new time zone.

2.          Sleep on the plane if it is nighttime in your new time zone. Stay awake if it’s daytime.

3.          Avoid the urge to nap if you arrive at your destination during the day. Go outdoors as much as possible if you need to stay awake, since natural light will help reset your body clock.

4.          Retire to bed at the local bedtime.

5.          Take melatonin to help you sleep; some studies indicate it can help reset your body clock. Follow the directions on the bottle.

6.          Eat meals according to local time.



Tips & Warnings


Drink plenty of fluids. Eat high-protein meals if you want energy to stay awake, and eat meals high in carbohydrates if you want to relax and   sleep.


Things You’ll Need:


  • Travel Pillows
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Eye Masks
  • Melatonin
  • Soothing Music


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