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333 Nina Salerosa

This video is mind blowing! Watch till the end….I love the sound of Spanish guitar 🙂

Check this video out — 333 Nina Salerosa via @youtube


Designers Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik from the Industrial Design program at Syracuse University came up with this concept called Google Envelopes. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to map the course of mail and how it can tell a story? They came up with Google Envelopes, which can be sent through G-Mail itself. It’s only a concept, but totally viable and something people can immediately understand.


Owning a laptop, iPad, smartphone, or USB flash drive
Reading Mashible, Wired, or TechCrunch
Playing video games
Having geek friends
Being a Star Wars fan
Know your way around the Internet
Knowing your IP address
Using multiple social networks
Typing without looking at the keyboard
Using Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
Knowing what RAM is
Setting up a wireless network
Reading books


I wish you all happy Tanabata, whether have lover or not, can enjoy the beautiful and happy life.

Brian T.